Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

I am amazed daily when I see people who have very defined preferences and tastes and the requesit reactions when they can't have what they want. The scenarios span from something major like religion all the way down to how they take their coffee. "Coffee - black, two and a half sugars with double shot of espresso....*sips* what is this shit, decaf?"

Maybe it's human nature, or possibly it's due to lack of resolve and discipline in parenting - but whiny, entitled people abound. There are so many trivial things every day that really don't make a hill of beans of difference in life regardless of what happens. The Butterfly Effect was an interesting movie, but I really don't think our life's outcome is determined by every tiny event. What changes your destiny is how you react to each event. 

I think my ability to live out of my car is because I live my life like I take my coffee - black with an indiscriminate amount of sugar thrown in and then I deal with it. 

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