Thursday, October 31, 2013

"Second Biggest" - Buster Bluth

Yesterday I made the biggest purchase of my life to date buying a Toyota Sienna. It was also the first time I ever bought a vehicle through a dealership; man it's a pain in the ass. I was there literally all day signing papers, getting approved, signing more papers, driving 2.5 hours to have my ex release the title for my vehicle but I finally drove off with my new van around 6:30pm. Every single vehicle I've acquired in past has been $3000 or less and a lemon of some sort. Usually I would freak out at what I'll be dumping into this van because of all of the what ifs but I think I've finally grown past that. It was a necessary purchase that is part of life and when you accept that, it takes away a lot of stress and guilt.

There probably isn't a great way to explain the difference between sleeping in my previous car and this van. The best thing I can come up with is the Hyundai was like sleeping in a lumpy coffin while the van is like sleeping on a queen sized bed. With the bluetooth, I can connect my ridiculously giant Note 3 and watch a movie with a home theater sound experience (okay it's not literally surround sound but its awesome). I also have room to put a cooler for food when I'm between jobs so my girlfriend doesn't have to worry about me wasting away.

The Hyundai was getting me almost to a breaking point but now, the saga continues. I love my van!

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