Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cross Pollinating Technology

My recent acquisition of an Android phone is prompting the sale of my beloved iPhone 4S. Of course before kissing the beautiful little slab of glass and metal porn goodbye, I had to make a backup of my data. When I moved, everything not necessary to my daily life went into storage, with the exception of my Surface RT tablet. I had been running a Mac Mini connected to my flat screen for several years and it was a good setup albeit not very portable.

Thankfully all the pieces were easily assembled in the hallway of my storage unit and I set about to back up through iTunes. "This device requires iTunes version 11.blah blah blah". Great, so since I upgraded my iOS to 7 I can't back the thing up? I then found a link to download the latest version of iTunes to my Note 3 which I would transfer through USB. WRONG! As luck would have it, you need a special program for an android to be read by a mac (also available via the internet).

That's when it occurred to me that I had the Surface RT in my car. The files easily transfered from the phone to the surface but the first flash drive I connected was broken. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! After rummaging in my storage unit for a minute or so I found my trusty old Fireball flash drive (it's exactly what it sounds like it is - a flash drive in a bottle of Fireball whiskey). From then on it was easy. Files were transfered (USB 3.0 is unbelievably fast BTW), the iPhone was backed up, then erased and everything went back into the storage unit. I think the moral of this story is that things get easier once whiskey is involved.

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