Wednesday, October 23, 2013

End of The Red Road (for now)

Today was the last day on my current gig (The Red Road season 1). Normally I would be sad and stressed but for once I'm not and the lack of turmoil is a sign of growth for a perpetual stressor like me. It's partially because whatever happens I have things I could fall back on if necessary but more importantly I'm finding my path in life.

Practice makes perfect, it's true but practice also builds confidence which is a necessary ingredient for perfection. After years of struggling I've been afforded the opportunity to work with kind, patient people who have allowed me to learn and develop confidence in my knowledge and skills.

In the Native American culture the "red road" is the difficult path one takes to redemption. I feel like the last 10 years I've been on that difficult road and finally my life is being redeemed. Today I have a job and woman that I love - the red road is a hard one but well worth it.

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