Monday, October 7, 2013

Fresh Eyes

No, this isn't about eye transplants like in Minority Report, I'm referring to seeing things like it was the first time - with a sense of appreciation and wonder. Living in my car and working in various locations affords me the chance to not get stuck in a rut where I traverse the same path day in and day out. I love how it keeps everything fresh and I'm aware of all that is around me. Much of it provides inspiration for photos I take and propagate my Instagram with. I don't think it is impossible though to have the same outlook if you have a normal job with the same commute everyday along with a fairly sedentary life. You just have to make a conscious choice everyday to open your eyes. It's like taking a filter off and mentally saying, "what is new today?" 

For several large chunks of my time spent in Los Angeles, I did not have a car and was compelled to use public transit. I noticed each time I rode a bus after a long stint in my personal vehicular bubble, I was uncomfortable with all the different people in proximity. Within a few trips I was comfortable again and even would talk to some of the other passengers from time to time. Convenience and comfort are great but I hate how quickly they can turn you into something you don't want to be. If it takes me depriving myself of some things so that I can continue to see the world and it's inhabitants for the beauty they are, then I will. However, I hope to learn to how to see everything with fresh eyes regardless of the comfort level my daily life presents. 

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