Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ghost Towns

Have you ever left an area, reinvented yourself (or more accurately, became yourself) and then for one reason or another stopped back by your starting point? My children live in a miserable little town where I met their mother ten years ago and ended up there for several years before venturing out west looking for myself and freedom. Now that I am divorced, each time I visit my children entering the old town is awkward, painful (in a repressive sort of way) and in general gives me small shudders. 

"Be true to yourself" is spouted by psychiatrist/counselor types but is a challenge when a large number of people surrounding you only see their version of you. Moving clear across the country was necessary for the initial breaking away; however, you can't run forever. It appears that this is my time to take the person I found myself to be and stand up to the ghosts from the past. To be truthful though, I have seen a few people and purposefully ducked them because I just don't feel like dealing right now. My ability to not give a fuck is slowly growing and hopefully, one day soon, I won't get a chill every time I encounter an old ghost. 

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