Friday, October 4, 2013

My First Questioning

The inevitable happened last night: the location of my domicile for the evening was questioned. All of our trucks for work were parked in a church parking lot with a security guard we hired over night and not wanting to explain myself to the security guard, I parked on the opposite side of the lot (which was quite large). About an hour after I fell asleep I woke up to a dude flashing a light in my window "what are you doing parked here?" He was the church security guard that lived next door and had seen my car when he got up to use the bathroom. I explained I was with the group renting the parking lot and he said I just needed to move across the lot. Pretty simple resolution but I was kind of expecting to be hassled by our security guard at some point later for pulling in so late and it was a little hard to fall asleep. 

I had taken a shower at a friends house Wednesday night and fortunately had shaved so I didn't look like a complete bum when the campus guard approached me. Speaking of the shower, being in a real house was quite nice. I know I'll want a home at some point but I'll always want to have a van on standby where I can just be free to travel and explore. I want to walmart this morning and saw a guy shaving in the bathroom. I should have struck up a conversation but I'm not quite ready to associate myself with other transients just yet.

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