Saturday, October 26, 2013

No Safe Haven

People (particularly religious ones) like to say "this is a safe place" to which I say - bullshit. There is no such a thing as a corporate* safe place because whoever is saying that has no control over all the other members of the group. They may want it to be safe for you but at some point someone's personal interests will trump any concern for you. When that happens you are lucky if you escape without becoming a pawn in their game. If you want a safe place, turn the entire world into one and spray on a thick coating of emotional Teflon known on the street as "not giving a fuck". The necessary hardener for this epoxy is knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Some things don't need to be shared and can be used by a malicious individual to penitrate the most ambivalent shell.

*I do believe that you can be safe in a partner / spousal relationship if both parties put the interest of the other above their own.

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