Monday, October 28, 2013

Occasional Asynchronous Unity

A question I field often when people hear about my divorce is "what happened? You guys seemed fine. I mean you had 4 kids!!!" I find it odd that so few people seem to understand. Sitting at a stop light today I became semi hypnotized watching the reflection of my turn signal on the trunk of the car in front of me. Our signals synched up just briefly and then they went their separate, out of phase, blinking ways. Some desperate people view temporsry synchronicity as a sign but the truth is that even the most out of sync items will align every once in a while. It's not fate, or magic, or god - it's just a statistical probability.

My ex and I found occasional moments where our out of phase personalities matched up but that's not good enough because even turn signals achieve that. Thankfully I've found a relationship that is more like a set of olympic synchronized divers. A few small actions may be different but overall, its a beautiful, awe inspiring thing to watch.

The next time someone asks why I got divorced I think I'll reply "because we're not turn signal dammit."

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