Friday, October 18, 2013

They Walk

I crawled into bed around 10:30 last night parked behind a gas station our crew was going to be using today. Now mind you that was after taking a cold shower with my $15 self coiling hose and nozzle from Walmart and popping 4 valerian root capsules so I was sleeping like a log when the cop woke me up. Dreams rarely visit me but last night I dreampt I was loading our truck and someone said "what are you doing here?" I thought "I'm loading the truck douchebag" but suddenly snapped awake when I heard it again and realized there was a cop shining his light into my car.

About the only thing I can think of that rivals being woken by a cop is having your child cry out in the middle of the night. I had my wits about me and thankfully for once I had grabbed a call sheet and map before I left work so it was fairly easy to prove I had a reason to be there. After making sure I didn't have any warrants, the officer came back and said "you're not from around here are you? This area is pretty dangerous. See that hotel across the street? People get high over there and then they walk." It's hard convey the chilling effect those two words had but when he said "they walk" I felt a chill go through me.

I thanked the officer and promptly grabbed my bathing suit that was drying off the top of my car and went and parked by our trucks under a street light. I finally fell back asleep but kept thinking I was hear scrabbling on my windows like zombies from the Walking Dead were trying to get in. I think it's time to get a windowless van and a Mossberg to sleep with.

On the plus side this is what I get to look at all day at work. Winning life.

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