Tuesday, November 12, 2013


The title of those post is completely irrelevant and unrelated to anything except that it's an interesting date. Dates however, are arbitrary measuring of cycles so I suppose there is a slight connection. Today and Monday have been stupid crazy at work with us setting up all kinds of stuff only to have half of it unused. I still get paid regardless so who cares right? 

I found a sheet in my car Sunday night and thought "how could I use this as a curtain over the back window of my car?" Then I realized "this is the kind of shit I get paid to figure out at work" and promptly grabbed a couple .5" spring clips and affixed the sheet to the plastic trim and voila, extra privacy.

Lastly, I ran 5K at the gym last night after work. Ok truth be told me knees started hurting after about 1.5K at 6.5mph so I slowed down to about 3.5 for a bit and then ran the last like 2.5 at 6mph again. Not super impressive but I hate running so I'm happy with it and hopefully will get better.

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