Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

We celebrate a day of giving thanks once a year. Less than 24 hours later we're out fighting for more. Developed countries have developed a disease - currency exchanged for goods without reciprocity. Accountability is gone for these products on the shelves - just keep accounting in the black, pretend the shit comes from friendly elves. Corporations are proxies keeping our consciences clean from the disenfranchised little hands assembling our things.

Its a superfluous celebration but it fits our society - we celebrate excess through all the crap we are buying. More shit than we need - more than most have in a lifetime we go crazy over sales while impoverished are dying. People stampede like they're running for their lives but their lives are what they're running from through the shit they buy. In other parts of the world when they stand in line, it's for clean water so their families can survive - another day but without another dollar they strugle as we take for granted all we have been offered. 

Settlers took this land through disease and gun - oppressing, massacring, making natives run. Indians cried for the land we disrespected - the white man's way of life based off an entitled perspective. History was flipped 90 degrees, culled of the evil making heroes of thieves. A celebration is invented twisting a legacy of bloodshed into thanks to God for his divine protection. 

You shit on your thanks when before the turkey is digested, you trample old women to buy cheap presents. Fuck Walmart, Bestbuy, retailers in general and for Christmas this year continue being thankful. Black friday is a blight on this time of year a magnifying glass making what's inside us clear. Analyze your desires, some of it's poison cause you don't deserve shit and you're so fucking fortunate. 

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