Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black the Fuck Up

A small amount of consideration was paid toward censoring the title as Black the F*ck Up but figured that if you're not offended by the * and are offended by the U being there, then you probably don't need to read my blog.

I am aware that this is the wrong part of the year to be talking about Black History month but it was on my mind the other day after I saw all the stages at a certain studio named after black actors. A lot of people would complain "white people couldn't do that. Like they get a whole month. Why do they get a whole month specifically designated for them?" Slavery was only outlawed 150 years ago in America and probably only in the last 20 years were black americans treated anywhere close to white americans. I think considering those facts where we are with race relations in America is remarkable. I don’t think it's some calculated attempt to get back at white America but just an effort to overcome the severe oppression their ancestors faced. Eventually there will hopefully be no differences related to skin color but time is needed to heal. Lil Wayne even said in one of his songs "fuck Jesse Jackson because it ain't about race now". All you people that are freaked out and insecure about your own identity - black the fuck up and get a life.

For all you people with white guilt, lose it. Guilt is a twisted antonym for empathy. I feel about as much responsibility for slavery in America as I do for the extinction of the dinosaurs but I do care a lot. What the world needs is empathy for all the downtrodden not targeted attemps at pacifying guilt.

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