Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Canning Currency

A friend sent a link to me this morning about Mark Boyle, a guy who has lived without money for 7 years. He is my new hero - a legit status quo fugitive (and Irish to boot). His major premise is that many of our world's problems are due to currency allowing us to be disconnected from the impact of what we purchase and the damage it exacts on the environment and humanity. His lifestyle and mentality are right in line with my beliefs however I'm conflicted due to my occupation.

I love many things about my job: it is not the standard 9-5, we are a close knit community and many of us care about the environment and social issues. The one drawback is that there is a lot of materialism and grandeur tied to this business. We are providing a drug for the rat racers to numb themselves with which is the antithesis of what I believe.

The concept of living without money seems unconscionable but as with most things in life, almost anyone could do it if they really wanted to. What holds us back are fear and lack of introspective honesty. I've worked hard to get where I am and I'm not quite ready to give it up. Anything I've wanted to do, after pussy footing around for a bit, I just dove in. What's the worst that happens, you die trying? Shit, you're probably miserable already so how much worse could failing be? At the moment I can't live without money due to child support for the next 18 years but I can still live with a simpler mindset and use my money to attempt to affect change in the consciousness of western humanity. My hat is off to you Mark and I hope I can meet you some day and buy a pint for you.

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