Thursday, November 14, 2013

I'm Not Apathetic, Just Accepting

I've been noticing that recently I haven't been getting stressed out at much as I used to with work or relationships. After seeing all the inept people that have are working (if you can call it that) and continue to work, I've decided that with my work ethic, if I don't get hired it's probably outside my control. The quality of my work isn't suffering but my level of angst is very low now compared to the last 29 years.

The same goes for the relationships in my life. I may appear uncaring but that's far from true. What is different is that I'm not trying to avoid painful situations anymore; I have accepted that pain is part of life. My relationships will get the best of me that I can give but I've accepted that I'm not perfect and again, some things are outside my control. Pain is inevitable but my heart will heal when it comes and yes, it will leave a scar but if you don't take a few hits now and then you probably aren't living. Bring it Life. I'm not apathetic but I'm ready for your shit just like I've come to grips with paying taxes.

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