Friday, November 15, 2013

Inner Peace - SKUDOOSH!

When this week is all said and done, I'll have worked about 75 hours in the freezing cold, rain and on little sleep. I bring that up not to complain but to point out that I am exhausted and a bit down. Everyone sees the world differently filtering it through their previous experiences, establishing their "truth". It may seem true for them and even be situationaly a fact, but ultimately is not the truth. For example (let's go super emo) someone might say "no one cares about me, or wants me. I'm just going to be pushed away again." While that individual may have some legitimately bad experiences with rejection in their past, that doesn't mean it's always going to be that way but it probably will if they hold on to their pattern of thinking. Situations are facts - not the truth (unless you allow them to continue as a cycle in your life.)

I've finally learned to not take myself too seriously when I'm really tired or under stress etc because my perception is usually extremely skewed. I got off work a little while ago wet, tired and lonely with the prospect of sleeping in my car tonight kind of depressing. My life is adventerous I suppose but definitely not glamorous and possibly bordering on stupid. However, I am learning to keep my mind more focused and centered. The material things in life don't matter a whole lot but achieving peace in every circumstance is invaluable.

*I feel really sorry for homeless people. They may choose to live that way due to laziness or drugs but they are still tormented humans that need love*

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