Tuesday, November 19, 2013

#Kindness - It's Trending

I seem to see more and more upworthy.com videos being posted around Facebook lately. Some I watch but some I don't I guess out of a kind of counterculture rebelliousness. Call me a pessimist but I highly doubt that most people alter their behaviour after watching a video. A few tears may be shed and warm feelings kindled but change is not affected. The term "sheeple" was coined because most people succumb to whatever peer pressure is around them at the moment. Very few have original thoughts in their heads or if they do, the chutzpah to follow through.

Am I happy that there seems to be a trend towards kindness and lifting up our downtrodden fellow man? Yes, but I'm also concerned that it's just that, a trend that may change as quickly as popular opinion for a president does. Please don't do something good because it's cool say to go to Africa and help orphans, do it because it's the right thing to do. Your behavior should be the same even if you and the person you are helping were the only two humans left on earth.

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