Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Know Thy Craft

Gone are the days of apprenticing and mastering a skill. Now if you have even half a skill set you can be successful, at the expense of making the people you work with miserable. It's the walmart mentality applied to everything. I was in a 5 million dollar house last week and easily noticed shoddy construction briefly glancing around. It's not much different in the arts.  Any asshole with a digital video camera thinks they are a director or DP without having the requisite knowledge to actually do the job proficiently. Unfortunately technology allows users to not have to think, learn or retain information. 

I've met several people recently who are new to my field and they know nothing which would be understandable except for one thing - the internet. There is so much conyent you can find on topics in most any field that knowing nothing nowadays is inexcusable. Where is the curosity in people? The more you know, the more tools you have. Ask questions about everything - questions are free. Don't succumb to being a cheap item that barely gets the job done. Our world needs excellence from everyone not just a few. 

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