Monday, November 18, 2013

The Universe Made Me Do It

With Thanksgiving upon us many people are taking the season as an obligatory chance to be grateful for things on Facebook. It's a good exercise but there's one thing that I find supremely irritating - people thanking the universe. Let me preface my rant with the following *I'm sorry if you are one of the people I am lambasting. I don't mean to hurt you, these are just my opinions and are probably just as full of bullshit as the next guy's.*

My problem with thanking the universe is that it's extremely nebulous. Basically you want to feel like a benevolent entity more powerful than yourself is looking out for you. You don't however want to anthropomorphise it lest you feel beholden to rules or instruction that a definitive being would have. Sure there is a basic belief in Karma that goes along with the universe blessing you but you can find the "do unto others" mantra in most belief systems.

Why does this matter to me? I don't care if you worship a god or not but I find it irritating for people to believe something just because it makes them feel good. It's not my job to burst people's fantasies but then again, this is a blog where I can say what I want and no one is forcing you to read it. There are two kinds of people in the world of faith - those who believe and those who know. I believe that if I went to space without an oxygen tank, I wouldn't be able to breathe because I've been told so by reputable scientists. However, I know that I cannot breathe under water because I've tried it and have experienced that it doesn't work. We can't test everything out for ourselves or no one would make it past the age of about 4 but belief can be a very dangerous thing if not tempered with a good bit of "I could be wrong" and "let me think about this logically".

If you are following a system that controls virtually your entire life then you should know not just believe. I think that's why the Universe ploy bothers me so much - it's dipping your toe into the world of faith just enough to get a good feeling but with no commitment or conviction. Drugs give good feelings but they are a tough thing to shake and beliefs aren't much different. I will laugh if I ever hear someone do something bad and says "the universe made me do it".

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