Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas Story

As an adult I find most things about the "Christmas Season" depressing but this movie somehow cheers me up inspite of everything. That aside, I'm going to go on a short rant about modern film making. When I watched Ralphie and company last night with my children, I paid careful attention to the cinematography. There weren't any fancy dolly or crane shots that I could detect and there wasn't an insane amount of coverage on various focal lengths and lens sizes. I was watching Elementary as well last night and noticed a slow parallel dolly shot of two people on a bench, which would have been great if the editors had allowed the move to be completed on the screen but it was cut after only a few seconds to a close up. WTF?

Contrary to modern film making practices, you can tell a story without all this ridiculous bullshit. They should list the Director and Director of Photograhy on these stupid shows as Scut Farkus because their work looks as bad as the name sounds.

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