Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Growing Up

Over the past 10 years I've been able to watch myself grow up and become a semi-mature adult. It's a weird thing because I was never conscious of the changes in my maturity as a child. That could be due to the fact that kids are obvlious or maybe I was just arrested in development and didn't start to mature till I was 20. The biggest lesson I have learned in my maturation is to face things head on whether they be circumstances or relationships.

I had a moment of childishness last week after getting offended by several family members and I started to cut them off. The reality is that one of the situations was purely from lack of communication which engendered assumptions on my part. After I cooled down from my tantrum, I decided to call both relatives and try to talk about how I felt but also hear them out. Suprisingly, both talks went really well and while there is still an issue between us, we understand each other better and have an open line between us. This doesn't mean that we will see eye to eye and all obstacles will evaporate but there's a much better chance of it now.

Mature people face things, they don't run away. The one caveat is that some abusive people will say you are running away when you distance yourself from their damage and intractability. It's a knifes edge sometimes between the two but when you are willing to face your problems it becomes much easier to detect the difference.

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