Friday, December 13, 2013

Labor Not to Be Rich

I'm quoting the bible here which generally I'm loathe to do but you can find wisdom anywhere, even in a TV show, so I'm doing my best not to discriminate. The next verse says "For riches certainly make themselves wings. They fly away as an eagle toward heaven". You can interpret several meanings from this selection but one has been running through my mind the last few days which is identified by the previous verse and title of this post - "Labor not to be rich".
Much of the stress in our world is related to money since it has become a necessity to provide our basic needs in life. A pile of money symbolizes freedom from the rat race but in reality it's freedom from the fear of being powerless over your circumstances. While prima facie, the idea that riches make life easier seems accurate, that mindset will ultimately disappoint. Those who strive for a certain amount of money to feel secure will quickly realize once attaining their goal that there are many other things to fear: the currency becoming valueless, theft, higher taxes (aka legal theft) etc.
Happiness doesn't come from money regardless of the size of the pie that you have. While wealth isn't evil and can provide much help and enjoyment, the quest for riches is a bottomless pit. Happiness come from being filled with peace internally because there is a finite constraint - you. The universe is purportedly infinite and therefore you can never have enough external things to fill the void around you. 

*I'm not sure about the logic of the last statement but it sounded interesting so I wrote it. In actuality peace can be achieved for free, anywhere which is what differentiates it from tangible items.*

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