Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas (and all that shit)

Being Christmas and all I feel obliged to write something. Although, I don't know why considering I'm not the guy to send out holiday texts or Facebook statuses. The truth is I'm kind of bored so maybe that's the reason. I ventured down to Florida to surprise my girlfriend even though she has to work this whole week so it was more of a loving gesture than anything. Last night I slept in a rest stop parking lot and downed a good bit of Fireball while trying to watch Elysium on my phone. As much as I love Matt Damon, the movie was terrible. Sidebar: a lot of people take out a shitty movie on the actors when the reality is that it's highly unlikely that it is their fault. There is so much that goes into making a film and while you may start with a decent script, it can turn into a pile of shit faster than a prom dress comes off. A director may give terrible direction to the actors, the chosen score may not set the proper mood, the editing process can severely change the story and no matter how good everything else is, if the special effects suck, then the film is sinking like toilet paper rowboat.

With the exception of showering (I like to keep clean and smell decent), it would be quite fun to travel around like a hobo from rest stop to rest stop photographing the country and having singular experiences - a Jack Kerouacian adventure without all the drugs. Spent a little time walking the beach today and a seashell inspired a thought: many things are meant to be enjoyed right in the setting they are in, not absconded with in an attempt to keep the moment with you. Seashells and rocks in particular look striking when you find them on the beach or in a stream but after you cart them home and they dry off, their beauty disappears and they become, in many cases, really quite ugly. Sure, you can put them in a tank of water at home but it requires a recreation of the setting with a certain amount of upkeep. While not an evil thing, we would probably all be served better to take snapshots (literal or mental) of the beauty we see and as the Beatles said "let it be". I'll let you zenstrapolate that into other areas of your life yourself.

While I was sitting on a bench listening to the waves break on the seawall, I noticed a family on the balcony of a condo taking family smiling with their arms around each other. At first I thought they were having a moment of thanks but realized they were just taking photos. Unfortunately behind many smiling faces in family photos there is a lot of pain and broken relationships. A family that truely loves each other and actually gets along is a rare thing. For those of you that have that this holiday season, I am genuinely happy for you. All the rest of us stragglers, have the opportunity to make our own family and be that care and support for someone else. There is nothing in my eyes more commendable, brave and touching than to see someone who has been hurt make the choice to rise above and be different instead of reacting by spreading more pain.

Merry *whatever you celebrate* my friends (and all that platitudinal shit)....

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