Sunday, December 1, 2013

No Fear in Love?

In my quest for existential answers I have thrown into question virtually everything I once believed. When religious people discover you have "lost your way" they try to scare you back into belief with Hell. Some even posit Paschal's Wager - again, fear, but cleverly disguised as an attempt to appeal to your sense of logic. You can hedge your bets against uncertainty but that does not certify the outcome. (Side note: People who hedge their bets are easy to control.) 

Fear is a powerful motivator but when you break it down in relation to Christianity, it makes very little sense. The Bible says "God is love" and "there is no fear in love". (I won't address the fact that it also directly says to "fear the Lord" since you can argue translation of words and I don't feel like delving into hermeneutics). If God is love and there is no fear in him then anything related to fear is antithetical. That isn't to say that you can't punish evil matter of factly but since when is questioning evil? Who gave you the ability to question? "Here is free will and a brain, but only do what I tell you or there will be consequences." No one can offer absolute proof of God. Those that claim to have proof, accept certain prerequisites as fact to complete their argument. Therefore if you have to believe on faith because deep down you know you don't have a choice, then God is not love. Otherwise God really is fine with people questioning and will not send you to hell. 

The one wrinkle I know some will throw into this is "it's all about relationship with God. The punishment is ancillary - a cause and effect reaction to our lack of relationship but not something he wants." In that case he should be accessible through actually physical communication not some mystical bullshit that could just as easily be my subconscious. 

*if this logic sucks or you have a counter argument, I welcome it*

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