Thursday, December 19, 2013

Past the Atrium

There are people all of us know that from the outside appear to be no different from the rest of the world but occasionally they'll let you in past the atrium of their lives and you glimpse the strength of spirit they possess. I was having one such conversation the other night and was astounded once again by how tough humans can be. My dithering about life is pathetic in comparison and you, you know who you are, have my profound respect.

I still don't know what the point of life is but maybe that's where I'm going wrong - looking for a point. Some people just exist in each moment seemingly without a thought to how they fit into the puzzle. I think they are the ones who get it because instead of looking for where they fit in, they simply are, allowing pieces to fill in around them.

* For the record, some of the strongest people I know are women and I would be remiss to not make note of that fact. Ladies - you rock. May you be the center of a beautiful puzzle providing inspiration for many. *

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