Monday, December 16, 2013

Rebel Without a Pause

I stumbled upon this page (litterally with the app Stumble Upon) a few minutes ago. It's a poignant and succinct demonstration of 10 great existential ideas illustrated through Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. The first two in the list are what struck me immediately (because they were first of course) but also because they resonated the strongest. My favorite TV shows and movies have characters with a "good heart" but who color outside the lines with no apologies. The heroes are eccentric, at many times difficult to deal with on a personal level but they are true to themselves throwing off social norms - any shred of left ceremony was left in their mothers uterus'.

While I'm not an anarchist, I believe that if people lived by all 10 of the thoughts in the article, but predominately the first two, the world would be a much happier place. Too many people allow themselves to be trapped in unhappiness because they don't want to rock other people's boats. The thing is, we're all in this ocean together. You have to deal with the wake from their movement so don't sit still because your progress bothers someone else. Everyone needs sea legs and if you've never encountered some waves to develop them then it's not my fault. Keep doing you and be a rebel without a pause.

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