Sunday, December 8, 2013

Celebrate the Living

RIP, you will be missed - facebook blowing up. Someone famous left this world strangers get choked up. Doesn't matter if it's old age, drugs, or sheer stupidity - they're gone, we're left, with just some fading memories.

Life is pain the Buddah said but so many fear death and being bereft. You can't escape though some try to hide but your ticket will be punched, you'll get on this ride. If you are suffering pain now, is the unknown really worse? I can't wait to die, ride in that hearse. I'll see what's on the other side and maybe I'll find vast nothingness - eternal peace of mind.

Enjoy your loved ones that are still alive, help the helpless as they fight to survive. Don't fight wars for oil or drugs - fight to make the world better with kindness and hugs. The only thing that's certain is the moment called now don't worry about killing someone's holy cow - to feed a begger who's starving for food or let a dude marry another dude.

Your narrow minded ways only lasts till you're gone, is oppressing someone else what gets you off? Yet you mourn for someone you never knew explain how that makes any sense from your point of view?

I tear up everytime I see the flag of names - people who died when the towers fell in flames. Or war memorials, they're people I knew nothing about but their lives were snuffed in pointless wars - candles in the wind gone out.

Call me an asshole for not being sad over Mandella, Walker like some fucked up fad - my heart breaks for kids with abusive dads. Its the people in pain not some fucking celeb attention should be paid cause they're not dead.....yet

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