Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Transferring Negatives

Unfortunately it seems to be human nature to allow negativity to prevail in our thoughts. A concerted effort and focus is required to rise above into a realm of positivity - the law of entropy applied to the human psyche. I never watch the news because as a whole, it's a macrocosm of what I'm trying to avoid in my brain and I don't need any help being depressed - I do a good enough job of that left alone.

The last month has been especially tough with exhaustion from work and the memories and thoughts that are brought on by holidays. Last night I found myself looking back through my photo archives from this year. When I got to the end of the album it hit me - I have a really good life. I'm not a terrible father or failure at life.  While I don't want to have my head stuck in a delusional sand pile of self affirmation, I am the kind of person that needs a perspective check to counteract my "hyper honest" personality. That hyper honesty is in fact somewhat bullshit because I'm inadvertently losing sight of all the good. It's a lopsided look at reality and nothing will shake a machine apart faster than an improperly balanced motor tearing about at high speeds.

Unless you are a really fucked up person, your photo library is going to be filled with good memories. Next time you are feeling down, look back through the snapshots you've taken of the positive moments of your life. It's like taking a bath in positivity and gratefulness.
Happy New Year Bitches.

Just saw this link and it is a cool story of what I'm talking about. 

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