Thursday, January 23, 2014

A New Low

Last night I reached a new low in this bizarre van life experiment: not emotionally but in thermosurvival. I have gone camping in colder weather (record being 5 degrees) but that involved a sleeping bag and a fire two luxuries currently unavailable / impossible for me. The digital mercury fell to 21 Fahrenheit and I actually slept quite nicely once I "nested". I'm fairly convinced that you can't get so cold in your sleep that you would die because you would wake up first. Which only means you would be half awake and conscious while freezing to death - sounds delightful, NOT!

The secret (if you are too stubborn to buy a sleeping bag) is to trap all the air in a bubble around you with a big blanket or something. Again, pretty sure you won't die from lack of oxygen and the heat factor is amazing one you warm up the surrounding "air bubble". It never hurts to wear a hat as well to trap some of that extra heat in that you can then breathe into your bubble. I make it sound so sexy I know.

Off topic but interesting to me is how long hot sauce can linger on your fingers. Even after a good washing, there were still trace amounts of Zaxbys Insane wing sauce on my fingers from dinner. I rubber my eye area and immediatly felt like I was playing the part of Sauron's eye in LoTR. At least my eye was warm till I got my rats nest of blankets arranged.

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