Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Dental Work

Today marked the end of my 10 year abstention from any dental care now that I have insurance through my job (a first in my adult life). I never go to the doctor but since we are all compelled to purchase insurance, it was fortuitous that I don't have to figure out the system as long as I keep my current job. A few months ago I started experimenting with "Oil Pulling" (the name still makes me cringe) and even though it's completely unsubstantiated by any scientific evidence, I'd like to credit my dental health to the magic of coconut oil. The dentist said that I have no cavities and if he had to guess by the buildup on my teeth, he would have only thought I had missed two years of cleanings.

A lot of my good fortune may be due to genetics but if you floss, brush and use mouthwash (or possibly coconut oil : ) then most people can avoid dental problems - except crack heads: they are screwed. Gotta say though, I do love the feel of cleaned teeth and the peace of mind knowing that my mouth isn't rotting away.

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