Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Samsung Chromebook Review

I don't expect to make a practice of reviewing products on my blog but I just got this thing and love it so I figured I would share with all 5 of my avid readers. The Samsung Chromebook style is essentially a rip off of the Macbook Air which means it's awesome. $250 for a device that can surf the internet, play netflix on an 11.something inch screen, type documents, play movies from memory sticks, has wifi, bluetooth, and turns on almost instantly - you can't go wrong. I had been using a Microsoft Surface RT but you either need a table to set it on to type with a keyboard or hen peck on the virtual keyboard which makes me about lose my mind. I don't feel like posting the Chromebook specs because most of you guys won't know what they mean anyway. Suffice to say that this device is excellent for students all the way to grandparents who just do email and some internet shopping.

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