Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shutting Down the World (or at least the south)

I got up late this morning because I didn't have to work today (thankfully) and also because it's hard to sleep well when it's below freezing. Maybe I'll finally break down and get a sleeping bag assuming walmart doesn't close like everyone else is. Due to my late start to the day I didn't eat any breakfast and by the time I got to some of the local spots, they had closed for the day "due to inclement weather". Thankfully I found a bar that is open (with wifi) so I get beer and some food. This is the kind of shit that I live for though. Anything that is bizarre and adverse to most people I find thrilling. When I was a kid I would love to go outside bundled up and curl up under my parents back porch and just lay there when the snow came down. Something about the falling snow is so peaceful. No one is bothering you and (I assume) because the snow is fluffy it absorbs sound making it more silent than usual. The contrast of being warm but having cold wind blowing on my face puts me in a very peaceful place. Hope everyone stays safe. I'm going to knock a few back at the bar till they kick me out.

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