Friday, February 7, 2014

Getting Old

Leaving work at midnight I really wasn't looking forward to sleeping in the metal tauntaun again. My back has started hurting from my tool belt and adjusting to being on my feet most of the day again but I'm sure my sleeping arrangements aren't helping the situation. When it drops below 40 degrees I wake up feeling like I was beaten with frozen kielbasas during my sleep and despite having my eyes shut for 10 hours it feels like 4. Enough was enough (and I needed a shower) so I crashed at a hotel around the corner from work today. I haven't slept in a decent bed in so long that even though this bed is most likely not of the highest quality, it still felt like it was stuffed with baby angels wing feathers (they're going to lost them anyway when they grow so why not keep them grounded a little longer right?). Of course I had to simulate my home planet to some extent by turning the AC on nearly as cold as it goes but I slept great. Living out of a van can be cool occasionally or if you take the time to retrofit it with some insulation and a proper mattress but this shit sucks: apartment hunting to commence this weekend.

P.S. My post yesterday was typed after having just woken up and being somewhat out of sorts as you can probably imagine; however, I stand by extreme living circumstance being better than living with an angry woman. I still think most people that succeed in a relationship are either delusional or just don't give a flying fuck about much but that doesn't mean it's outside the realm of possibilities to have a good relationship that is legitimate and pure. My grumpiness was also fueled by the realization that I'm probably just way too picky and aiming well outside my league.

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