Monday, February 17, 2014

Global Evolution

Listening to a podcast about international law vs state laws I began to consider how the advancement of technology and ease of travel necessitate evolution in our laws and social responsibility. When the founding fathers were trying to hash out the details of our nation they settled on states rights as a practical solution for self-government attempting to avoid a megalomaniacal national government. Back before people were hurtling around the globe in metal birds on a daily basis states rights were practical because each state was more like a mini nation with little need to adjudicate the particulars. Now that geographical lines are fairly unimportant and government programs and offices are connected through the internet the need for restructuring is becoming more apparent. 

Massive organizations whether governmental or otherwise cannot pay special attention to every single persons issues but instead must paint with broad strokes in a mindset of efficiency and the greatest good. This also falls in conflict with today's extreme inter-connectivity providing an in-your-face access to all the injustice and heartache in the world which cries out for change. As a society changes many things need to evolve with it. No longer an agrarian society and with modern health care stemming infant mortality, there is no need for large families and I would go so far as to say that excessive progeneration borders on irresponsible. Should the government dictate how many offspring a couple can have or who should be allowed to get married? Each matter is delicate and the effect of each decision is systemic. Despite thinking most individuals holding political office are generally unsavory, I don't envy their job in trying to navigate this changing world. Everyone has a voice and a platform now via the internet which is the ideal behind democracy; however, I would suggest that democracy is the classic expression "try to please everyone and you'll please no one." The presidency has become a ping pong game of back and forth attempts to do the impossible in 4 or 8 years with blame being placed on the previous administration instead of a system that is becoming increasingly more impractical. 

Do I have solutions to the problem? No, but it's definitely something that needs to be considered by the up and coming generation who short of a complete regression back to the dark ages, will face massive challenges as the world becomes smaller and cultures become more entwined. The only thoughts I can offer are personal responsibility. If you see a failure in the system to assist those on the fringes step in and do something because the government can't fix everything. On that note I'm going to make a short plea regarding conservation. Just because something is inexpensive or free to you doesn't mean you have a right to waste it. We have a limited amount of resources on this planet and humanity has been irresponsible for far too long without considering the potential consequences. Turn lights off when not in use, recycle when you can, conserve water etc because one day soon what we take for granted today may become scarce.

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