Thursday, February 27, 2014

She Is All of Us

I doubt she thought that morning was her last - she expect the "adults" to have her back. It's their job to be responsible and keep us safe but they failed us all when their goals took center stage. Trains and nature should be respected, our safety priority one not your fucking objective. Striving for money, power, fame, prestige they use people as rungs they climb to succeed.

The disrespect is palpable when only days later he tries to spin her death as a motivator. "What she'd want is for us to keep the show going on", but if you knew her that well you wouldn't let her be gone. From where we're standing we can't hear her say shit just the silence of heartache you fucking prick.

Investigations are being made while you shirk responsibility hoping a lawyer can acquit you, get you off clean. God help you if that happens, cause while it wouldn't be me I hope you get a knife in your neck as the end of your scene. 

They sit behind desks or in directors chairs, it's all budgets and egos the balance is unfair. Just because you have money doesn't mean shit, a job isn't worth a life no matter who's it is. 

Don't try to twist my arm or threaten to fire me I'll shove my walkie up your ass so you can hear clearly - as I scream in your ear cause your heads up there too, you don't belong in the business - Jay Sedrish, fuck you.  

Each of us need to link up like a chain, strength in numbers is needed against a numbers game. Scattered around individually we just make some noise but together we can fight, have a voice. They can replace us all one at a time but if we support each other, they'll toe the line. Stay safe my friends she was one of us...she is us.

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