Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 and Out

Around 4 this afternoon some unexpected events occurred in my roommates life necessitating me to vacate for at least a couple of days. Thankfully we were working a very short drive from the apartment so I buzzed over there to quickly pack up. Before the past 6 months I would have been a little unsettled by the uncertainty of where I would go but when the situation arose there wasn't a worry in my mind. I didn't time myself but it literally took me about 5 minutes to gather up my belongings and get out.

It seems almost perverse to take happiness from the fact that I can so quickly and effortlessly blow away in the wind but being this zen has me stoked. I've stated it before but it bears repeating  "you don't know what you are capable of until you test yourself". This lifestyle though bizarre and maintaining some drawbacks, is such a break from the stress of the world that I wouldn't trade it for anything. When I hear people say "I have to keep doing something I hate because I have xyz responsibilities" it pains me. We imprison ourselves within the constructs of our minds using other people's opinions as the mortar. To a large extent I've quit caring if people disapprove of how I live or if I can't meet their unreasonable expectations. Life is far too short to be unhappy because of other people. If you are still breathing, you still have options. The grass on the outside of your prison walls really is green.

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