Monday, March 31, 2014

A Bloody Book

It never really hit me until today how violent and bloody the Bible is. My 9 year old was given a Lego bible for her birthday this year which she was showing me this morning when I stopped by for a visit. Whoever made the scenes out Lego pieces didn't shy away from details. There is the story of Achan who stole loot from a battle which was forbidden and his whole family including children were stoned and burnt. Then there is a cell depicting David giving Saul 200 Philippines foreskins as a dowry for his daughter Michael. Or the guards David had strung up after chopping off their hands and feet - not to mention all the weird shit in Revelation.

The color red is abundant in this Lego rendition of a supposedly loving God's interaction with humabity. If not blood then it's the fires of Hell being portrayed. I know some people would say I'm ignoring the context or that it was a different dispensation. Was it God's dispensation of being an asshole? Malachi 3:6 says that God does not change so which is it? Don't give me the line about a holy and perfect god can't be in the presence of imperfection when he purportedly created beings with a high level of fallibility. I still believe that there is some iteration of God out there along with a spirit world but I'm done with this cockamamie cobbling of stories championed through circular logic. I really don't feel comfortable letting my kids read the bible, any more than I would let them watch Friday the 13th at this age.

It's a mad, blind, self-deluded world.

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