Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Blessings or Choices

Talking with a Mormon acquaintance yesterday (I would say friend but she has assured me that "I don't not like you") I learned about patriarchal blessings being part of their faith. When you become a certain age (somewhere in the teens generally) you receive a blessing from a male leadership figure (possibly but not necessarily your father) that is loosely a prophecy for your life. You are supposed to call back upon and meditate on it throughout the course of your life as guidance for who you are and what path you will take. When I posed the question "how much do you think the veracity of the blessing comes from the recipient unknowingly taking steps to fulfill the prophecy" she conceded that was probably generally the case. She said that there were somethings in her life that had been true but then others that weren't eg. her having many children - something she doesn't plan on having come true.

I won't emphatically say that certain individuals can't read into our lives and see possible futures but I firmly believe that we (many times subconsciously) take steps to create the destiny we have been fed. I was spoon fed a line of bullshit as a kid which I accepted for a long time. My belief coupled with my parents adherence to the same belief caused for many poor decisions to be made in my first 20 years of life.  It wasn't until I decided to take my life into my hands that things changed. I found out today there is a good chance that the last 10 years of my life could have been very different if my mother hadn't fucked up one event because of her beliefs molding her actions. I really don't think it's fate or destiny - it's what you choose to believe in that shapes your life.

The short version is - don't believe dumb shit "You make our own luck Mr. Reyes"

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