Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It is generally looked upon as wishy washy or fickle when someone changes their opinion regarding important issues in life. The opposition cites polar changes as a basis for an untrustworthy candidate in most elections. While many politicians are scumbags, there is such a thing as growth and change in perspective upon experiencing new events or data. Considering the amount of data, studies, lobbying that politicians experience in their careers it's kind of ignorant to expect them not to change their views over time. You think something will work, then you try it and realize it doesn't. That's how advancement and innovation work.

The past few days I've been thinking about all the changes I have made in my life and what my blog would have looked like just a few years ago. I realized that years from now I may be at a point where my writing may contradict a prior belief. My hope is that I am growing upwards building one set of knowledge upon the last not flip flopping like a bipolar person.

I'm around page 180 of the 400+ page book on Malcolm X and his life is a perfect example of personal growth. When he finally left the US around 1960 and met Muslims from the Middle East, it threw into question many things that the NOI taught forcing him to slowly change. I wish he was still alive because I would love to have met him and gain wisdom from someone who held strong beliefs but also had room for them to be altered and challenged by life. (Side note: one of his nicknames was Detroit Red because he had red hair so we have that in common.)

Last week I was called obtuse because I was arguing something that was perceived as stupid by a friend. Maybe I am being obtuse, but it's how I see things right now yet I'm always open for growth. It's not contradiction to change a point of view because you have been challenged - it's growth. It's only contradiction when you are a capriciously chasing your tail.

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