Monday, March 10, 2014


Running away from the time that is chasing
Ignoring the signs of my life I am wasting
I thought I'd be something - an inventor or star
Instead I'm just sitting alone at the end of the bar

Seems like I might be getting anchored in one place
the divorce, job and kids keeping me here
thinking about getting a home I break out in sweat
Cause today it started sinking in, I'm setting way points in my mind
I felt instantly older knowing I might stagnate for a while.

With every new job, experience and place
I know I'll keep moving down the road some day.
If I don't set down roots or make plans to
I don't have to pay attention to the time I'm passing through.
Knowing I could be here till I die
feels like it should just be tomorrow.

Cut out the pain some happiness too
skip to the end so I can see what's beyond
It might be nothing or it might drop my jaw
but anything is better than the status quo fraud
we get ourselves mired in - pacifying ourselves with god.

A fugitive from the status quo,
I am running from time, but it won't let go
It seems kind of childish to not want to grow up
settle down in one place feels I'm just like giving up.
That's what normal life feels like to me
like I've given up trying and I'm happy where I am
a sad and boring life to live in debt to uncle sam

I gotta keep moving even if it's living in a van
down by the river, or not - I don't really give a shit
cause I'll probably switch it up, then break it down
A little switch hit destruction like Mordecai Brown.

If you see my tail lights it's nothing personal for sure
just my personal world tour to a foreign shore
I'm like Keith Richards, we're not gathering moss
till we're dead in the ground our caskets rusted
then maybe I won't have days to count or try and escape
and I'll find peace in one place, void of time - asleep.

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