Sunday, April 20, 2014

Writers Block

I can't write of all the things I want to talk about but these feelings just want to keep coming out.
I can't say 'em cause most folks will think I'm fucked up or strange - "Oh my god I think He should be locked in a cage"
I can't make them stop like a fucking video game where you rip the plug out the wall in a fit of rage. 
They're still pumping through the air - always there - like a verizon cell signal can you hear me here? 

These feelings are bouncing off the walls in my mind, like someone threw a rubber super ball down a mine. 
It's bouncing around knocking shit off the walls, support beams, girders - they're all going to fall. 
Crushing the poor miners digging just to stay alive, they're gonna get washed like a tsunami tide.
Tide in the shit stained laundry of life this tidal wave of words just might be what saves my life.

They won't shut up no matter how much weed, I pump in my lungs like some GTL guede.
Scary and painful these little thought balls are bouncing so much they traveled down to my balls. 
I'm aching all the way from my head to my scrotum - but my legs just feel - fine like nothing was broken. 
I can still run away and struggle and flee or I can stand up and fight, fight till I bleed.

Like a boxer who's bleeding all into his eye but he wins with a knockout jab surprise. His prize is us all his cheering fans - he fights just to please all his fellow man. 
I try to please you guys - I try to fit in, but my horns just keep popping right through my skin. 
I didn't make myself, I didn't have a choice so sometimes your just going to have to hear my voice. I'm screaming, I'm cursing, sometimes drooling,  I need this out of my system like a clogged drain needs rooting.

Don't listen, mock - I don't give a fuck. I'm going to do me - no matter what you clowns throw up. 
I'm an asshole in as whole as I ever want to be - to the point where I don't let people fucking walk on me. 
The earth is big, you can move or comply cause there's plenty of holes I can throw you down till you die. 
The deal is simple you can ignore me or listen - but keep your thoughts to yourself - I won't hear you I'm pissin - all over your grass like a rabid dog,  dogging - you dog, you're not even human you're like a basset kitten - a pussy hound that never gets past the kitchen. 

Cause Chris Hansen is there, he's gonna talk to you then some cops outside the door are going to clobber you. 
You're a fuck up, a sicko, a twisted human - that gets off from causing pain like Kill Bill Uma Thurmin.
I'm not really blocked I was just afraid of you like a child that's afraid to drop his poo
Down the toilet, is where I'm going to put you - shit can this relationship, can I relation ship your shit back to you?
Fuck it, I'm done I've stated my position you can get fucked or be my friend it's a simple decision.

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