Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Little Luck and Lots of Persistence

A couple days ago I started on a project which is something I had dreamed about for years. I've been making in roads in my profession for a while now but this is a new marker of success and payoff. I'm not done moving forward but it's very rewarding to be able to see goals accomplished. 10 years in the making through much disappointment and struggle, there were numerous times I thought I was following a pipe dream. 

Some people give up because they lack the patience and faith in the process. Dreams take focus, determination, hard work and a small amount of luck. I have other aspirations (writing being one of them) so I keep practicing and pursuing knowing that one day they too will come to fruition if I don't stop. Ira Glass, host of one of my favorite podcasts - This American Life, said it succinctly so I won't rehash it again - just read the attached image at the end. 

30 started out not much different from the rest of my life but things have turned around a lot and now that I'm about to be 31, it has become one of the best years of my life. Ya gotta keep your head up - Tupac

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