Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Summer Vagrant

Crickets chirping, the distant hum of AC units coalesce into a soothing melody.
The cool air subtly caresses bare skin drifting the smoke of a hand rolled cigarette into the night.

A security lamp glows, solitary and warm.
She steps out to see where I am, beautiful - illuminated softly in the shadows.
The shy smile, eyes rolled as I tell her she is beautiful and I wonder what she will become.
So young and full of promise, will she be like me? Or something else entirely?

I don't know if I see myself in her it's almost too soon to tell.
But I know that I love my child no matter what the future holds.
I try to write, she talks to me her words swirl like the air.
I want to capture the moment and hold it for eternity knowing soon it will be gone.

The evening calmly drifs along a vagrant of time
Going where it chooses beholden to no one - insucient and free
We are the audience and the actors in the summer evenings drama with only cigarette butts in our ashtrays and fading memories in our hearts.

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