Monday, May 12, 2014


Sunday I went to a Buddhist temple to meditation for the first time ever. It wasn't the kind where you hum but you simply sit there on a cushion and focus on your breathing clearing your mind. At first it was easy but then I had a song keep trying to play in my head and other thoughts fluttering about. I also had seated myself too close to the edge of the cushion so it was taking far more effort than it should have to retain my posture. I wasn't sure if it was bad form to adjust myself not wanting to distract anyone else so I contemplated those thoughts till I realized that it was killing my meditation and finally reseated myself. We stayed there 45 min and on the trip home I felt like I was looking at the world with a fresh perspective. 

Humans get so bogged down with all the cares and bullshit of life that our minds miss much of what is around is because we automatically filter it out to pay attention to what seems important. Despite it being horrible for me, I think one of the reasons I love smoking is that it has a similar effect as the meditation. I focus only on inhaling and exhaling even if it is only for a few minutes and it relaxes me. 

Breathing is so fundamental to life but we do it without thinking every minute of every day. Meditation is like taking the time to focus the BIOS of your life - a reset when your system memory gets clogged up to begin running smoothly again. I am very much looking forward to making it a practice of my life as I attempt to become a more centered and peaceful part of the universe. (If that doesn't make me sound like a new age hippie, I don't know what will)

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