Friday, May 9, 2014


I saw this weed growing in the middle of a huge patch of concrete earlier today and it spoke to me - we can do almost anything we want if we have the courage and tenacity. So many people (myself included in the past) make excuses for why they are not pursuing their passions which ultimately boils down to not fully being themselves. Anecdotes abound of people cutting off their own limbs to survive, overcoming extreme poverty to excel and become successful or simply adapting to the cards they were dealt and learn how do something like play a guitar with their feet when they were born without arms. Clearly life isn't the Matrix and we can't defy things like gravity however, almost every obstacle we face is only as strong as we allow it to be. 

It's kind of like being afraid to walk up to a house and ring the doorbell because there are realistic looking statues of lions on either side of the door. While I'm not an advocate for unbridled anarchy, a little rebellion and defiance can be a very good thing. The quote "well behaved women rarely make history" poignantly illustrates my message. Going against the grain is what makes history. The chronicles of our civilization are replete with people who instead of allowing obstacles to overcome them, became a resolute barrier against the tide of normalicy affecting a change in the current of humanity. 

Most humans are feckless trilobites who allow themselves to be washed along with the status quo. Whithout change there is nothing to record and history becomes like walking through a house entirely painted with a bland beige - each room has a different purpose but it all runs together in mind numbing boredom. Stop making excuses and force the tide to bend around you - defy. 

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