Monday, May 19, 2014


Held in chains to someone's ideals
An existence of repression
Souls not free
Some fight, some die
Others live, existing, barely alive
Rebelling for freedom like nothing remains to lose
A partial remedy
Illuminating the dark like a half full moon

True freedom beams light like the noonday sun
Fueled by vision, hopes and dreams
Not focused on negligible losses but gains
Martin Luther King Jr believed things could change
The world never the same because of one mans perspective

Today standing on the shoulders of the hopeful, the brave
Taking for granted the immense price paid
Most sit languid, unless without option 
Temporarily invigorated - soon forgotten. 
Rising to the occasion when the tide rises above their heads. 

Never forget the angels among men
The good they created not reacting but acting
Reminding not retaliating
The future not yet born
In the womb each day
Formed by our beliefs
Birthed by our struggles
Raised by our love our dedication
Each day a brother, a sister added
A family of hope
Not orphans in ashes. 

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