Friday, May 30, 2014


Lurking in the shadows, skulking in corners
Darting out malovently with hammer and chisel
Blows rung steathily not raising alarm
Cracks affected turning to crevices left unattended
A flicking tongue dripping with acid injects its pernicious liquid through the mortar
Walls penetrated dripping onto vulnerable pulsating flesh
The watchmen sleep
The monsters forgotten
Searing pain strikes - adrenaline jerks a terrified sentinel awake 
Panic and mayhem are palpable as the alarm is sounded
Armaments sit prepared but flight appears the only option
Till the inscription on the wall catches a watch man's eye and a bonfire is lit.
Frightful shadows evaporate the nemesis revealed - diminutive and pathetic
"The monsters are only as big as we make them."

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