Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Papilio Eros

Bright wings fliting about flower to flower
I fall in love watching, captivated for hours.
I always want to have you close, feelings your wings beating around me
Absorbing the joy - childish, carefree 
But a butterfly can't be held unless pinned down or captured in a jar
Both are cruel devices to keep you from going far.

How do I entice you, make you my own?
Should I become a flower intoxicating and sweet 
That makes you return again and again your soul mine to keep? 
There still will be other flowers though and that would cause me pain. 
Become a fellow butterfly perhaps and play at the same game? 

I cannot go from flower to flower to get my satisfaction, I'd rather starve than be without the one my heart is after. 
To fall in love with a butterfly is both beautiful and scary
What draws me to them is the same thing that might leave me scarred and wary. 

Maybe I'll simply be the air that's always around you,
At least I'll feel you pass through, though your wings cut through me.
I'll know that you are free to fly 
And maybe that will assuage, the pain of having to watch each time you go away. 

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