Tuesday, June 17, 2014


On the way to work this morning I turned on Pandora to listen to my usual rap station but realized I was slipping into a rut. With all the hours I've been working, I don't feel much like thinking and want to zone out once I hit the car; however, I realized I was neglecting things that I really enjoy like listening to podcasts. Not to say that there aren't times to veg out and rest your mind but it's too easy to slip into a lazy habit forgoing things that are important to you. I almost put off writing this because I didn't want to put the energy into formulating my thoughts. 

Humans are generally lazy by nature but to be truly successful, it requires a daily push to be intentional about what you want. This is especially important in relationships as any counselor or book will tell you. The tendency to become comfortable once you have wooed someone is fairly universal. If you don't plan dates or consciously choose to show your love, the relationship can stagnate. 

Last night after a 14 hour day I stopped by the store and bought a rose for my girl. This morning I switched on a podcast even though I only caught 15 minutes of it because it feeds my soul. To be successful and achieve your dreams you have to be consistently intentional taking action. Comfort is the enemy of success. Sure, carpe diem, but seize it with conscious behavior not just with whims that strike you randomly. 

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