Monday, June 16, 2014

Living in The Moment

This Sunday (after working a 70 something hour week) I went to the tattoo shop and got some more ink. I don't see myself ever getting random art on my body because every piece I have means something to me or speaks about who I am / want to be. The tat is fairly simple - two solid bands around my arm but it isn't without significance. 

Time travel has always seemed like a crock of shit to me and while I enjoy movies about the concept, I still think it's a dumb idea. My belief is that the only thing that exists is the moment you are currently in. The black band signifies the future which is nebulous and undefined or created. We make our future by each choice we make now. The green band represents the past which is unattainable to alter however, we can grow from the experiences informing our present and ultimately shaping the future. The neutral space in between the bands is the here and now. It's the thin space we inhabit in the universe and we should enjoy it because nothing is promised to us. In a moment the blackness can swallow us up nullifying all your plans, worries and regrets. My goal is to fully inhabit that thin line in time and space letting the future pass through me leaving memories and wisdom to draw from. 

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